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December 18, 2013
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The Price of Loving You-2 by Ezallyia

The Price of Loving You

Chapter 6: Your Sweetest Poison

With your last cry of agony echoing through the Silver Plateau, Steve's body began to finally disappear. You stand there watching as countless, sparkling orbs are left behind, glittering on the ground. Curious, you walk closer when suddenly some of them quickly get absorbed into you. You gasp as you step back startled, now finally realizing those glittering orbs are his reaming EXP (experience points) and you feel some sort of soothing feeling in your heart. You stare at Herobrine's sword, still soaked in Steve's blood. Frowning, you unstick it from the rocky wall surface, and toss it to Herobrine. "Here..." you say, as he catches the sword. Taking a quick glance, he looks at his sword. "You just had to be as stubborn as ever... brother." He mumbles while putting the sword down, snapping his fingers, and making the sword disappear. "What did you say?" you turn around asking him since you didn't catch what he said. "Nothing." he says grunting while turning around to stare at the horizon, watching as the sun slowly rises. He turns to you once more, "Let's go home, now.", sounding rather demanding. You know he won't be accepting a 'No' from you. Reluctantly, you walk towards him, allowing him to place his arm around your waist to teleport you away.

-Time skip to several minutes later-

You are back at the old house, where you first met Herobrine in the game. No words are exchanged between you and him as you both walk into the house, until he finally breaks the silence. "Whatever you do, don't go near his place, let alone try to communicate with him." he says, making it sound final. You nod reluctantly, and walk to your room. You are way too tired to even remove the shimmering blue dress you were wearing. You lay on the bed, and quickly fall asleep, hoping in the back of your head that everything was just one heck of a bad dream. Herobrine watches you sleep, looking at your shimmering blue dress, feeling some sort of jealous feeling. He knew Steve gave you the dress. Trying not to think of it, he lays down on the couch in the living room, trying to fall asleep.

-Time skip to one day later in Minecraft time-

You slowly wake up, and get up from the bed quietly. You notice Herobrine laying on the couch, and try to be as quiet as possible to walk into the bathroom to freshen up. You take a nice shower, brush your teeth, and comb your hair. Finally, you quietly sneak out of the bathroom to your room. You stop for just a brief moment, and watch Herobrine sleep. Countless mixed feelings rush through your head. You are still mad at him, but looking at his peaceful expression helped somewhat sooth your anger. You have never seen him look like this, and staring at his shirtless chest wasn't helping, making you blush only a little. You finally sneak back into your room, and quietly sit on the bed. You remain quiet, thinking about Steve. You know he has already respawned by now, but you can't help but shiver at the possible thought that he may have completely forgotten about you. You shake your head in denial, until a thought popped in your head.

You stand back up and walk to your desk, and sit down on the chair. You take a piece of paper and a quill from the drawer, and begin writing down a message. After you are done, you place the note in your inventory bag. You finally decide to change into more comfortable clothes as you are about to head out. You equip yourself with a bow, and an Iron Sword. No armor whatsoever. You take several pieces of steak, a clock, and a map, but no torches. You figured you'd be back before nightfall. You walk out of the room quietly sneaking to the living room and to the front door, making sure you don't wake him up, taking one last glance at him, before walking out of the house. What you didn't know is that Herobrine never sleeps, not realizing his glowing eyes opened the moment you shut the door, smirking in the most sinister way possible.

-Time skip to a few minutes later-

As you walk through the woods, you check the coordinates on your map. Lucky for you, you still remembered Steve's house coordinates and marked them on the map. After a while of walking, you finally make your way to a small clearing at the bottom of a cliff. You sigh contently as you glance at Steve's house from afar. You then notice the front door opening, and you quickly duck lower between the grass. You can't help but smile widely as you see that familiar face walk out of the house.

"This is my chance!" you say, quickly taking out your bow, and grabbing an arrow that had your note attached to it. You fondly remember Steve teaching you how to properly use a bow. A tear escapes from your aiming eye, as you finally let the arrow fly towards his house, safely landing in front of Steve without hurting him. Steve steps back, and upon seeing the arrow, he quickly takes out his bow and aims at the direction where it came from. "WHO'S THERE?!" He shouts in your direction. You quickly hide again scared. You didn't anticipate him reacting that way. 'Oh no... Did he really forget about me...?' More tears flow down as the thought courses through your mind. Quietly you take a small peek, and see Steve kneeling down to pick up the arrow with the note attached to it. You guess he didn't notice it at first.

-Steve's POV-

"I wonder where did this arrow come from..." he mumbles to himself, as he unwraps the note to read it. 'Dear Steve, I don't know if you remember anything from last night, but if you do, please don't think badly of me. I never meant for you to get hurt. If you don't remember, just know that I will never forget about you, and I'll always watch over you to keep you safe. ~Love, ______.' Steve remains there puzzled, trying to figure out what the letter is all about. "Her name... sounds familiar... But my head's pounding so greatly... I feel like everything is surrounded by fog. I guess I probably died... but how?" He mumbles to himself again, holding his head. Steve looks around trying to find out where the arrow came from, but he doesn't see anything. "This is so strange... I don't remember much about last night, except for some broken fragments..." he sighs very sad. "But if this _______ person knows what happened, maybe I can find out what really happened." 

-Back to your POV-

You don't hear Steve calling your name by now, so you figured he has probably forgotten after all. You notice the whole area starts to slowly get darker. You look at the horizon to see that the sun is finally setting. It'll be dark soon, and you have no torches with you, and hope that Herobrine hasn't woken up yet. You watch Steve walk back into his house, and you are finally ready to leave. When you turn around, you bump into someone's chest. Before you could shriek from getting startled, a strong, tan hand muffles your mouth. You quickly look up to see a pair of glowing eyes glaring at you. You try to break free from his hold, but you fail to do so. You knew you were in big trouble. You deliberately disobeyed his orders and did exactly what he told you not to do.

Your body begins to tremble as you try to speak after he moves his hand away from your mouth. "I j-just w-wanted to m-make sure he is f-fine..."

"Well, are you happy now to see he's doing 'fine'?" he asks sarcastically, lifting your head with his hand to look into your eyes. "I was considering the option of 'forgiving' you up until now. I reeeeally didn't want to do this, but you've given me no choice."

Upon hearing such words, you knew it wasn't going to be something pleasant. He quickly wraps his strong tan arms around you, and teleports you inside some thick roofed forest. It's night time by now, and visibility is horrible, except for some faint streaks of light from the moon peering through some small holes between leaves. "What is this place? Why have you brought me here?" you ask shivering with fear. You know he would never kill you, but he can still harm you physically. 

"We are going to play a little game." He chuckles, "Have you ever heard of a game called Hide-and-Seek?" He grins evilly, showing his sharp teeth.

"Um... yes?" you respond.

"That's what we're going to play. BUT, it's going to be a tiny, little bit different. It's called 'Predator and Prey'. You're going to run, and I will hunt you down. How far can you make it? Do try your best to keep me amused." He laughs loudly. "But don't worry, I've commanded my minions to leave you alone and don't bother you, AND, since I'm SO nice, I'm going to give you a head start. Oh, one more thing-", he snatches away your inventory bag. "You won't be needing this." He grins wickedly. You frown at him for ripping the bag away from you. "Now, I'm going to count to 20. Until then-" Herobrine moves closer to your left ear and whispers, "Run..." followed by his sinister laugh. He looked like he was really enjoying this moment.

At this point, you started to actually fear for your life. Was he really going to kill you? Or attempt to scare you really bad by making you believe he will kill you? Or was he just seriously bored out of his mind? Whatever his intentions are, they sure are working. You are terrified, but you have virtually no options left, except to run. He turns around and crosses his arms, beginning is count. "One... Two... Three... Four..."

You know you don't have much time, so you sprint deeper into the woods, hoping you don't run into a tree and knock yourself out cold. You see a lot of mobs around the woods staring at you, but none of them come any closer to you. This confirms Herobrine really commanded them to leave you alone. It wasn't their turn to hunt you this time - it was his.

You slowly begin to huff and puff as you keep running, until you hear a shout saying "Twenty!" You knew you ran out of time, and he was coming for you. You hide yourself between some thick trees, and rest to regain some stamina. As you rest, you begin to hear whispers through the woods, 'You always dreamed of me chasing you through the woods... You dreamed of becoming one of my victims, intimately speaking... I used to watch you sleep, and read your dreams like an open book...' Your heart beats faster as you hear his deep gruff voice getting closer and closer. You place your hand on the grass and move it around in the dark, hoping to find something to distract him. You finally find a small rock, and toss it far away from you, making a loud noise. You hear his voice go farther away now, probably following the sound of the rock you just threw. You take this advantage to run into the opposite direction. 

You finally spot a faint light ahead, hoping it's the end of the forest, until you hear that voice again. "FOUND YOU!" Herobrine tackles you from the bushes and grabs you from behind, making you yelp loudly. You were running so fast, you actually were able to pull along with you his heavy body, making the both of you trip, fall and roll on the ground roughly, receiving a few cuts and bruises around your body. You try to wildly break free from his grip. "Ahahaaha! That's the spirit! Keep struggling until you have no more strength!" He says while chuckling. You can't help but blush for a moment, feeling his whole body so close to you. He then puts his left hand under your chin, and moves your head to your left, exposing the right side of your shoulder and neck. Suddenly you feel time slow down immensely as you feel his sharp teeth piercing through your flesh, making you scream your lungs out throughout the whole forest. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

-Steve's POV-

"AAH!!" Steve wakes up abruptly from his sleep panting heavily. He dreamt of a woman in trouble and heard her scream ever so loudly in his head. He was a little scared, wondering why he had such a strange dream, when suddenly his head starts to hurt greatly. "Aagh!" he groans as he holds his head. Several flashbacks run through his head and sees himself in the company of a woman. A woman who used to live with him, but barely rough fragments. "What's happening to me... Am I going insane?" he pauses briefly. "No, I'm not... I'm most certain... the woman of the broken memory fragments... is the same of the dream I just had... But... why I can't remember her? Her name... is it the same as the one from the note?" He wonders to himself puzzled. "Ugh..." he groans again as his head continues to pound. "I might as well go back to sleep... I can't think with my head hurting like this." Steve lays back down, and tries to sleep again, still trying to remember the woman's face.

-Back to your POV-

Your blood splats around Herobrine's face and yours, and drips down your chest and your back as he drinks some of it. You start to lose your strength faster, submitting to his own strength. You feel his tongue around your neck, and his right hand groping your left breast, making you shiver and blush madly. "The sweetest blood I've ever tasted... I knew you were the fairest of them all..." he whispers in your ear. "And best of all, you are fully ripe and yet still pure. Blood never lies." He snickers with the most perverted look ever. "H-how d-dare you..." you say shivering, your voice slowly breaking up. "Daring." He whispers to you. Suddenly, you feel the pain slowly subside as he licks your wound, slowly sealing it up. The pain trauma was still too great for you, and you slowly fall unconscious in his arms.

-Time skip to 2 days in Minecraft-

'It's dark... so dark... I am constantly surrounded by it... Am I trapped forever...? Or is this... just another dream...?' You slowly begin to wake up, rubbing your eyes gently to make the drowsiness go away. You try to remember what happened the previous night, and when you did, you quickly sit up gasping. You look around and find yourself in a dark room dimly lit by redstone torches. You move your hands around the bed you are laying on, and you can tell it's a fairly large one. The room you are in feels faintly hot, so you slowly get up and walk towards the nearest window only to jump back startled. What lies before you now is the most hellish scenery you've ever seen. You see lava everywhere, and mysterious, gigantic, floating, white creatures with many tentacles swaying underneath them. One of them catch a glance of you, and opens its mouth screeching loudly, making you cover your ears, flinching at the horrible piercing scream. You realize the gigantic bastard is a Ghast, and then it flies away from the window. You look down from the window to see what seemed to be the courtyard of hell, and several groups of pigmen and wither skeletons patrolling the perimeters. You didn't want to face it, but you soon realized you've been dragged into the Nether world. 

You look around for a door, and upon catching sight of it, you run towards it and slam it open. You then spot 2 whither skeletons standing guard by your door and turn around crossing their swords, blocking your path. "AAAAHH!!" you scream as you slam the door shut, and back away step by step backwards, when suddenly you bump into someone. You quickly and turn around to see Herobrine standing behind you, unusually smiling. "Did you like your little gift?" he asks. "What gift?" You ask puzzled. "The one on your shoulder-" he points at your right shoulder. You look upon your own shoulder but from your angle, it's pretty hard to see, so you run towards a mirror to check yourself out. Where the bite scar should have been, there's now a black tattoo marking of some sort on your shoulder. "W-what is this...?!" you ask completely freaked out.

"I branded you. It's your punishment. It serves as a reminder of who owns you and not to disobey me again. For as long as you are marked, I can detect wherever you are. No matter how far away you go, I will be able to sense you. If I happen to be in the Nether, and you happen to be in the overworld, I can sense your presence easily, and works vise versa." He explains, keeping his arms crossed.

"WHAAAT??!!" You shout angrily. You just couldn't believe your own ears. "And since WHEN do I belong to you?! I don't remember signing any contracts or anything!" You demand.

He chuckles, "Since the moment you accepted the invitation to 'play' Minecraft with 'ME'. Contracts are a waste of time to me. It's just a useless piece of paper that can be easily destroyed. The moment you accepted, and took my hand, we bonded."

You blush at the particular word he used at the end of his sentence. 'Bonded...?' You think to yourself, as he walks closer, and lifts your head to look into your eyes. "Yes, bonded." He lowers his head closer to your level in an attempt to steal a kiss from you, but you are fast enough to react and move back away from him. 

"Heh, you're fast, and feisty! But I understand you're still upset." he turns around and walks to the door, and turns around just a bit, enough to look at you from the corner of his eye. "Whenever you feel like getting a 'tour' of your 'new home', give me a call. Oh- and more thing, be sure to put that on before leaving the room." he says grinning pointing at the bed, and then walks out of the door, slamming it behind him.

"Why that son of a b-" you mumble as you walk to the bed to see what he was pointing at, only to be stunned at what you just saw. A ruby red shimmering dress laying on the bed, with some hi-heels apparently made out of quartz, plus a necklace to go along for accessories. Though the dress is truly beautiful, it reminded you of the dress Steve made for you, and couldn't bear the thought of it. You, however, know Herobrine will not let you leave the room until you put it on, so you figured you have no choice. You decide to just go to the bathroom to freshen up first before anything else. After you are done, you dress yourself up with the red dress, the quartz hi-heels, and the necklace made out of quartz.

"Sigh... I'm ready... Herobrine." You whisper, and then he appears at your door. You slowly turn around and walk towards him as he admires what he's looking at. He then extends his hand, and says "Shall we?", waiting for you to accept his invitation, smirking as always.

Chapter 6 took me a little longer than I expected. But I'm glad I'm done with it now. Herobrine, as much as you scare me, I feel like I love you even more every friggin' day! I must be seriously corrupted. :icondragoninsane:

This turned out to be quite a long chapter, but I'm proud of it. :)

What a thrill to get hunted down like that... WHEE! 

I hope you guys like it! :icondancinglaplz:



Herobrine picture done by :icongroecs:

If you like it, please go to the main page and :+fav: it.

Original drawing found here:…


Girl, picture background & story by: :iconeg5:

Minecraft Characters (C) Mojang
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